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I am enthusiastic, motivated, creative, and a team-player, with a solid understanding of lights and lighting techniques.  Years of experience in Theatre and Television have given me a great appreciation for the collaborative process, and the demands of working as part of a skilled crew; I am a quick study, and am able to adapt to most any production environment. 


2010          Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film/Video, emphasis in Directing (summa cum laude)

                  Columbia College, Chicago -- Chicago, IL, USA

Course of study covered theory as well as technique, and involved a variety of practical exercises, including producing completed short films under a strict deadline.  The degree involved classes in Screenwriting, Production, and Directing.  

2007          Associates in Arts: Mass Communications & Theatre (highest honors)

                  Illinois Central College -- Peoria, IL, USA

Coursework for Mass Comm involved an overview of television history and science, as well as practical exercises in producing a variety of television formats; Theatre coursework involved classes in script analysis, acting, directing, and design, as well as a practicum.  In final year, gained a scholarship for stage managing.


•     "Illinois Adventure" TV series, G&E, segments:

      -- #1808, "Anderson Japanese Gardens"

      -- #1807, "International Museum of Surgical Science                       in Chicago"

      -- #1806, "Ogelsby Mansion"

      -- #1805, "Galesburg Railroad Museum"

      -- #1901, "Fryxell Geology Museum" 

•     "Of Nature" 2017 short film, G&E

       Dir. Samuel Gonzales Jr., DP Robert E. Arnold

•     "Slang N' Friendz" 2017 Kickstarter video, G&E 

       Dir. Kindari O'Connor, DP Bryan Sims

•     "The Day That" 2017 short film (AFI), Grip

       Dir. Dorian Tocker, DP Lidia Nikonova

•     "Sad Eyes" 2017 short film (AFI), G&E Swing

       Dir. Jojo Erholtz, DP Vaughn Greve

•     "Call of the Void" 2017 short film (AFI), Grip

       Dir. Austin Rourke, DP Tom Meredith

•     "Morning Lily" 2017 short film (AFI), G&E Swing

       Dir. Jiawei Cheng, DP Leo Purman

•     "Not Forest Dance" 2017 short film (AFI), Electric

       Dir. Dimitris Tsilifonis, DP Vaughn Greve

•     "Avocado" 2018 short film, G&E

       Dir. Michelle Dos Santos, DP Jennifer Hook

•     "Road to Hell" 2018 short film (AFI), Grip

       Dir. Darius Dawson, DP Tom Meredith 

•     "Cain & Abel" 2018 short film (AFI), Grip

       Dir. Jeanine Brinell Frost, DP Aakash Raj

•     "Stones" 2018 short film (AFI), Grip

       Dir. Nicole Vanden Broeck, DP Elizabeth Petersen

•     "Hired Edication" 2018 web series, Grip, episodes:

       --"The Boss Lady"


       --"The B-Day"

       Dir. Michelle Dos Santos, DP Becky Sapp

•     "This May Take A While" 2018 short film, G&E

       Dir. Michelle Dos Santos, DP Arthur Love

•     "Bruise" 2018 short film (AFI), G&E

       Dir. Casey Modderno, DP Sonja Tsypin

•     "See You Next Tuesday" 2018 web pilot, Gaffer

       Dir. Derek Dow, DP Becky Sapp

•     "The Southern Thruway"

       2018 short film (AFI), G&E Swing

       Dir. Samir Oliveros, DP Gemma Doll-Grossman

•     "Mrs Fitzgerald Is Missing"

       2018 TV series, Gaffer, episodes:

       --#202, "Farewell Interrupted"

       --#203, "Two Drink Maximum"

       --#204, "Confessions and Lies" 

       Dir. Dave Bean, DP Becky Sapp

•     "The Happy Side" 2019 short film, Key Grip

      Dir. Michelle Dos Santos, DP Jeff Carolan

•     "I'm Trying" 2019 web pilot, Gaffer

       Dir. Derek Dow, DP Becky Sapp


•     Film/Video/Theatrical Lighting

•     Camera supports

•     Field lights (LED lights & Lowel

      DP, Pro, and Rifa Lights)

•     Grip/electric equipment

•     Hanging lights from a grid

     Cable management


2010-16     Production Crew

                  WTVP (PBS Member-Station) -- Peoria, IL, USA

Job involved both studio and on-location shoots.  Locations ranged from the Illinois State Capitol Building, to sports stadiums, to isolated fields in the middle of nowhere.  In-studio, I was often charged with hanging lights from the grid to create a balanced lighting environment; on location shoots, I was usually responsible for setting up lights (Lowel Pro and Rifa lights) and camera supports, as well as running power for such.  I have been involved in hundreds of shoots, and have developed the capacity to work quickly and efficiently.

Independent Films

I have been a director and/or director of photography on a variety of low-budget short films, usually acting as a one-man-band, responsible for both camera operation and grip/electric.  Through these experiences, I have learned to be versatile and a creative problem-solver.

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