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DIRECTING Extensive experience in directing under all manner of circumstances, from location-oriented shoots, to live and live-to-tape television, to directing for the stage.  I am familiar with a variety of acting techniques, allowing me to communicate with actors to help them find their character and motivation in both heightened and realistic scenarios.  Years spent studying classical and contemporary art have given me a unique cinematographic perspective and style that I endeavor to apply to every film I work on, and my experience behind the camera as DP on a variety of projects has given me the tools to communicate my vision with those responsible for bringing it to life.  I am skilled at script analysis, as well as polishing scripts so that their most important qualities shine through.  Through real-world experiences, I have developed the skills necessary for organizing productions, working efficiently to come in on-time and on-budget, and pivoting to deal with any complications that may arise over the course of production. 

WRITING Fully proficient in script formatting, with a strong sense for what works structurally and what doesn't. I have done re-write and polish work on a variety of scripts in virtually every genre, from comedy to drama to horror and beyond.  I have experience in scripting both independently, from ideas brought to me, and collaboratively in a team.

EDITING  Experience in editing over a broad range of film and television formats, from talking-head shows, to documentaries, to narrative-driven films.  I have a strong sense of pacing and structure, communicate well with the director and others involved in the editing process, and a proficiency with a variety of non-linear editing systems.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY  I am proficient with a variety of camera, lens, and lighting systems--but above and beyond technical expertise, my background in photography and fine-art has helped me develop a strong eye for frame, physical, and lighting compositions, applying appropriate techniques at the appropriate time to capture the mood and atmosphere of scenes.  I have the experience and vocabulary necessary to communicate efficiently with the director and to help them bring their vision to life.

TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut; Adobe Photoshop; Canon DSLR Camera systems, Sony HD cameras; Celtx Screenwriting Software; Lowel Lighting Systems.


Associates in Arts, emphasis in Mass Communications & Theatre

Illinois Central College (2007)

B.F.A., Film/Video, emphasis in Directing

Columbia College Chicago (2010)


"WTVP'S The Screening Room" TV series

20 Episodes (2013-2016), Producer, Show-Runner

"Define: Normal (101)" 2015 digital Pilot

Co-producer, DP, Editor, Script Doctor

"Body of Art" 2008 16mm Short Film

Producer, Writer, Director, DP

"Obvion" 2008 16mm Short Film

Producer, Writer, Director, DP

"BETA" 2015 digital short

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, DP, Editor

"Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Julet" 2013 digital short

Director pf Photography, Editor

"Bottle The Air" 2008 16mm Short Film

Producer, Writer, Director, DP


WTVP'S THE SCREENING ROOM, SHOW-RUNNER (2013-2016) A monthly television series featuring a variety of short films made either in Illinois, or by filmmakers with a connection to the state.  I aided in development of the series along with two co-producers and our executive producer.  Once the program was taken to series, I became its show-runner.  My responsibilities were: to find content and communicate with filmmakers, collecting and organizing all of the material necessary for their film's inclusion on the program; organizing face-to-face interviews with filmmakers, conducting those interviews, and editing them; organizing and directing the in-house segments featuring our host; writing the script for the host; designing graphics for use on the program; editing the program.  Over the course of three years and three seasons, I worked mostly independently and with minimal supervision, producing a new hour-long episode every month from September through June, with several scheduled hiatuses for our quarterly pledge drives. 

DEFINE:NORMAL, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (2015) The brain-child of a friend of mine, she brought me a script she had worked on in college based on her experiences there.  Together, we polished the script, taking it from approximately 45 pages to a concise and focused 30 pages.  I aided in finding, securing, and scheduling locations, as well as the casting process.  I DP'ed the show, working entirely on-location with strict time constraints on the day of shooting.  I also collaborated with the creator on the edit, while performing all technical necessities.

INTERESTING PEOPLE, EDITOR (2011-2014) A weekly half-hour Charlie Rose-style show produced by WTVP.  Episodes were recorded as an un-broken live-to-tape discussion lasting 45 minutes, which then had to be cut down to a half-hour program.  Our edict from the executive producer was to make these cuts absolutely seamless.  I was one of two editors working on the show, each of us being responsible for turning out one full episode every two weeks.  



ILLINOIS CENTRAL COLLEGE While a student, I was the stage manager for six theatrical presentations ("Masque of Beauty & The Beast," "All the Great Works (Abridged)," "Vanishing Points," "The Mousetrap," "BAMboozled," and "Sylvia"), working with a variety of directors of differing styles, helping them organize the production, and independently running the crew during the productions' stage-run.  


WTVP I was the game-camera operator on WTVP's telecast of Bradley Basketball for several seasons; camera operator and floor director for several live telecasts of the local Jerry's Kids fundraiser; occasional director of the station's quarterly live pledge events; occasional director for the station's annual telecast Auction.

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