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With six years of experience working in television, I have been involved in a wide variety of shooting situations, from talking-head shows, to fast-paced sporting events, to stylish music programs; I am adaptable, have a strong sense of image-design, and thrive in a team-based production environment. 


POSITION                                  PROJECT                                         COMPANY                                 YEAR


Camera Operator                       "State and Water" (season 1)            WTVP                                         2016

Camera Operator                       "WTVP's The Screening Room"        WTVP                                         2013-2016

                                                   (segment, directors interviews,

                                                   season 1-3)

Camera Operator                       "An Evening with Ray LaHood           WTVP                                          2015

                                                   and Judy Woodruff" (special)             

Camera Operator                       "At Issue" (season 23-28)                   WTVP                                         2010-2015

Camera Operator (pool)             Illinois Governor's Annual                   WTVP                                         2011-2015

                                                   State of the State Address

Camera Operator (pool)             Illinois Governor's Annual                   WTVP                                         2011-2015

                                                   State of the Budget Address   

Camera Operator                       "Interesting People" (season 6-13)     WTVP                                        2010-2014


Camera Operator                       Bradley Braves Basketball                  WTVP                                        2011-2013           


2010-16     Production Crew

                  WTVP (PBS Member-Station) -- Peoria, IL, USA

As part of my job at WTVP, I have been involved in hundreds of shoots as a camera operator, both in-studio and on location, and have extensive experience shooting live and live-to tape in a multi-cam environment.  I have been involved in local programs and programs broadcast state-wide, as well as our annual live Auction telethon and quarterly Pledge Drives. 


2010          Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film/Video, emphasis in Directing (summa cum laude)

                  Columbia College, Chicago -- Chicago, IL, USA

Course of study covered theory as well as technique, and involved a variety of practical exercises, including producing completed short films under a strict deadline.  The degree involved classes in Screenwriting, Production, and Directing.  

2007          Associates in Arts: Mass Communications & Theatre (highest honors)

                  Illinois Central College -- Peoria, IL, USA

Coursework for Mass Comm involved an overview of television history and science, as well as practical exercises in producing a variety of television formats; Theatre coursework involved classes in script analysis, acting, directing, and design, as well as a practicum.  In final year, gained a scholarship for stage managing.

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